AIT Purification Technology

Real time detection to release large amount of active light ions into the air for fast purification.

High Purification Efficiency

  • Active Intelligent Purification
  • Synergistic Bactericidal
  • Deodorize & Dust Removal

AIT + Multiple Purification

Physical Filtering

Significant effect on the removal of particulate matter such as PM 2.5

Active Ion Technology

More effective in killing and inhibiting bacteria/viruses/fungi.

Strong effect inhibits bacterial/viral

Environmental protection methods without secondary pollution.

Deodorize & Dust Removal

Laboratory Certificates prove AIT has a strong capacity of deodorizing and dust removal compare to traditional physical purification. Plus intelligent detecting and monitoring system, Luftmed has the most efficient technologies combined and further developed.

Intelligent Detection Control System

Low loss
Low noise
High comfort