AIT Technology

Real time detection to release large amount of active light ions into the air for fast purification.
Sterilization efficiency up to 99%

Multiple Physical Purification

The most acknowledged way of air purification to deodorize & dust removal.

Initial Filter

To stop large particle matters and human / animal hairs

Makromoleu1 HEPA

Multi layers HEPA filter to separate the micro particle, pollen,smoke and bacteria/mould

Active Carbon Filter

CTO filter Thru the active carbon to absorb ammonia,aldehydes, sulphur, acids and VOC etc

AIT Projector

AIT Projector AIT patent technology to kill bacteria, virus and mould

Effective Area
Formaldehyde CADR
PM2.3 Remove Rate
Formaldehyde / Methylbenzene Remove Rate
TVOC Remove Rate
Bacterial Eliminating Rate

Medical grade air purifiers recommend by German doctors.

Intelligent Detection Control System

Full Color TFT Liquid Crystal Display
Real-time Temperature/humidity Detection
Fan Speed Adjustment
Max Mode
Auto Mode

Super Silent Sleep Mode

Intelligent light detect and German EBM variable frequency motor.
Only 28dB at sleep mode
Only 0 dB

Cloud Remote Control Function

Real-time air quality monitoring and remote control via Wi-Fi connection.

Real-time Monitoring

Filters Life Condition

Remote Control