Detection and control technology

Our Luftmed devices come with various detection and control sensors to achieve extremely effective purification for your air while saving both energy and material.
  • Real-time Temperature/humidity Detection

  • Fan Speed Adjustment

  • Max Mode

  • AUTO Mode Saves Energy

Real-time Temperature / Humidity / PM2.5 / TVOC detection

The sensors display data in real time with high precision.The current level of pollution caused by PM 2.5 and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) is detected through the combination of particle sensor (> 0.5 microns), odor sensor, temperature sensor and humidity sensor.

Filter Control Function

—The HEPA and active carbon filters have different service lives for different environments.
—The control function of the device calculates the filter status based on the amount of pollutants that
—The remaining service lives of the filters are displayed to the user as percentages.

Cloud Remote Control Function

Real-time air quality monitoring and remote control via Wi-Fi connection.