AIT patent,High efficiency for big space purification, Multiple Physical Purification, Sterilization efficiency up to 99%, Real time detection and intelligent control.

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LUFTMED D300 Plus Technology:

LUFTMED D300 Plus air purifiers filter indoor air using an intelligent 4-phase purification process:

  1. The prefilter absorbs large dust particles as well as human and pet hair from the air

  2. The macromolecule HEPA polymer filter (H13- MPPS efficiency >99,9%) removes micro particles like PM2.5, pollen, smoke, bacteria, viruses and molds

  3. The active carbon filter efficiently eliminates mites, bad odors and toxins like ammoniac, aldehydes, sulfur, acids or VOC gases

  4. The patented AIT system (Active Ion Technology) neutralizes bad odors and toxins whilst eliminating pollutants from the air with an automatically adapted release of negative and positive ions – ozone free

LUFTMED D300 Plus Features:

LUFTMED D300 Plus employs various detection & control sensors ensuring highly effective purification whilst remaining both energy- and cost efficient. Our multi-sensor detection and control technology allows a continuous measurement of the pollutants in your air. Based on these measurements LUFTMED D300 automatically switches to the most efficient mode. The built-in display shows the measured air quality and enables the purification mode to be manually switched. With the LUFTMED app all LUFTMED air purifiers can be managed both from home and on the go.

  1. 5-sensor detection technology, measuring particles, odors, temperature, light and humidity

  2. Displaying data in real time with high precision

  3. AUTO mode: device automatically switches to the most efficient purification level (CPU Chip)

  4. Filter control function: algorithm calculates the filter status in % based on the amount of filtered pollutants

  5. Wi-Fi Connect & App: check and operate your air purifier with your smartphone both from home and on the go

  6. Extremely quiet operation with a long service life (noise level:<60,6 decibels in Max mode; <30 decibels in Sleep mode)        

  7. CPU: monitors the motor speed in-real time and enables the motor to run smoothly in all different modes

  8. Sleep Mode: light sensor automatically switches the devices into sleep mode if no lights are detected

LUFTMED D300 Plus Specifications:

Dimensions (WxDXH)370x188x550mmConnected Value40WColor/MaterialMatt White/ABS
Weight (net) 6,5 kgVolt and Frequency220V/50HzLanguageEnglish (Int.)